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Our Team


Gertrude Suokko

- Account Manager

- Written Content Creator 


My earliest memories of growing up in rural Vermont are of the beauty of the landscape and the feeling of connection to it. Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine, but it took a backseat for a few years while I trained intensively in classical ballet. Since stepping away from dance I have been able to focus my attention on writing again, and have developed a love for photography. The landscape I fell in love with as a child still moves me and inspires my photography and creative writing. 


Ansel Dickey

- Owner and Founder

- Account Manager

- Photographer and Videographer


The beauty of nature and it’s varied effects on the human psyche and physique inspires my creative life.  As a professional athlete I have traveled the world to compete in cycling road races.  The environmental and cultural differences I've experienced on a global scale give depth and context to my work as a photographer and entrepreneur.  Vermont Social as a start-up has garnered success, through long hours and a lot of grit, but what I really love to do is capture the moment with photography. Check out my photography portfolio here: