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Ansel Dickey

• Owner

• Account Manager

• Photo/Video

The beauty of nature and its varied effects on the human psyche and physique inspires my creative life. As a professional athlete I have traveled the world to compete in cycling road races. The environmental and cultural differences I've experienced on a global scale give depth and context to my work as a photographer and entrepreneur. Vermont Social as a start-up has garnered success, through long hours and a lot of grit, but what I really love to do is capture the moment with photography. Check out my photography portfolio here:


Nick Keating

• Photo

• Video

• Graphics

Growing up along the Connecticut River Valley of central New Hampshire, I was instilled with a deep sense of place, community, and appreciation for the outdoors. Together, these freedoms provided a place for expression, activity, and creativity. Through middle school and high school, that identity flourished with summer family road trips that had us meandering our way across the country from one national park to another. It was here that my dad handed me his Pentax K1000, and where a life of travel and the preservation of moments took hold of me. Having lived and worked in many places now, I continue finding myself back in this incredible river valley, yet still drawn to the beauty of places I have yet to visit. It is exploring the worlds vast landscapes which excites me, and it is documenting the human element within them which I seek to capture.


Gertrude Suokko

• Copy Writer

• Photo

My earliest memories of growing up in rural Vermont are of the beauty of the landscape and the feeling of connection to it. Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine, but it took a backseat for a few years while I trained intensively in classical ballet. Since stepping away from dance I have been able to focus my attention on writing again, and have developed a love for photography. The landscape I fell in love with as a child still moves me and inspires my photography and creative writing.

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Devon Sandall

• Account Manager

• Photo

Growing up in Vermont, I formed a strong connection to the people and places that helped cultivate my identity and strength. Like most Vermonters, I enjoy staying active outside in all types of weather, but find beauty in both the narrative and present moment of what surrounds us. My personal travels have expanded my creative eye and desire to capture movement wether it be a constantly changing horizon or athletic action shot. I briefly studied the part nature plays in photography at The College of the Atlantic where I learned that my sense of self and the way I choose to spend my time are informed by the interaction between people, landscape, space and cultural identity.