The Value of Organic

How Social Media Practices Can Influence Your Business

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Organic is a word that we hear a lot in the Upper Valley. From fresh, local, farm foods to architecture and artwork that is whimsical and raw it is a vastly used and authentic word in our community.


With businesses striving to always improve and social media playing a huge roll in many marketing departments, a new way to broadcast businesses has come about. Yes, organic social media posts are now becoming a widely used term and practice.

In the realm of social media, a post is considered organic when it stimulates the audience and there is no paid promotion. Loyalty is gained through the audience with this practice because an experience is being created rather than a pitch to sell a product.

By regularly posting valuable content the audience will become actively engaged and you will increase positive perception for your brand in the eye’s of your followers.

However, organic posts on social media only reach existing followers. It’s important to grow your digital presence with strategic channels for paid advertising and with content that will not offend or betray existing followers. Consider how Vermont has no billboards on it’s roadways. That’s a unique marketing strategy which allows local business to really fine tune their target audience.

 Information is better received when it feels customized and of value to the recipient.  Billboards are a way to broadcast information to the general public but do not have as much success with maintaining specific audiences. 


The optimal strategy is to combine organic social media posts with several carefully planned out paid advertisements. Social media is to marketing as Vermont is to organic and we believe it’s in our best interest to educate and help local business understand the importance of this strategy. 

Devon SandallComment