Abracadabra Coffee Co. – Magically Giving a Damn.

Tucked away down on the banks of the Ottauquechee River in Woodstock, Vermont, lies a little red building that rolls open its big overhead doors every now and then for a truly incredible Sunday morning coffee pop-up.


Clint and Antoinette Hunt and Sarah Yetter of Abracadabra Coffee Co began holding sporadic Sunday brunch coffee pop-ups in their Woodstock roasterie just after Christmas of last year, and since then it has grown into a favorite local underground spot. They advertise only by word of mouth and via social media, but word has seeped through the grapevine and loyal patrons eagerly return each Sunday they are open. Abracadabra serves excellent pour overs, espresso, nitro cold brew, and the delicious affogato, which is ice cream over espresso. In addition to coffee, they serve kombucha on tap from Great Red Spot in Rutland, Vermont. Abracadabra also has a small tray of cookies on their narrow counter baked by Antoinette’s father, and it is well worth arriving on the dot at 10am to snag one of his cherry-walnut-chocolate-chip cookies!


Sunday, May 6th, was an overcast day, yet there were a few pink tulips poking their way up out of the ground, and a warm breeze rustling in the new leaf buds. The Ottauquchee River rushed behind Abracadabra, swollen from the recent rain. Children played on the grass by the river while their parents enjoyed the lazy morning. There was even an ambitious gardener weed whacking the bank above the river. 


Clint, Antoinette and Sarah take immense care in their work. Each cup of coffee is a work of art. The grounds are carefully weighed and the espresso that comes out of the machine is buttery smooth with a thick crema. They take coffee to the next level.


Abracadabra features different food vendors at each pop-up. Part of the excitement leading up to their next event is the anticipation of what food will be served. Past pop-ups have showcased bagels from Olivia’s Bagels of Royalton, Vermont, and tacos from Taco’s Tacos of Lebanon, Hew Hampshire. 

La Pizza Lupo was the featured food vendor of the week on May 6th, and they served delicious seasonal, wood-fired pizzas out of their glossy vintage black truck. Coupled with Abracadabra’s strong coffee, La Pizza Lupo made for a fantastic Sunday brunch. 


The atmosphere on Sunday was laid back, with the sense that association with the pop-up elevated everyone’s level of coolness. 


Abracadabra exudes a vibe of hipster coolness that inspires emulation. Vintage Prince records play on a turntable behind the espresso bar and various crystals and magical objects adorn the black walls. The atmosphere is an inspired cross between botanical-hipster-chic and funky music-coffee-hangout spot circa 1980. Apart from the fabulous décor, the Abracadabra pop-up has become popular quickly because the feel is authentic and thoroughly local. Clint, Antoinette, and Sarah greet everyone by name and with such enthusiasm that one cup of coffee really isn’t enough! 


This summer, the Abracadabra crew is open for regular hours (9am—2pm) on the weekends. They are serving bagels and tacos as regular brunch items. And as the word spreads, they are sure to be very busy.


Give a damn.

Ansel Dickey