Worthy Vermont–Craft Beer, Local Food, and Community.


In every small town there is one restaurant or pub that is the focal point for the community. It is the place everyone flocks to after a long day of work. Whether from an office, the cab of a snowplow, a school classroom, a blustery farm, an artists’ studio, or the icy slopes of an eastern ski mountain, this gathering place welcomes all—and indeed expects all.


Geoffrey Chaucer conjured this proverbial gathering place in his famous work The Canterbury Tales. Though his story dates from the 14th century, the proverbial inn with its loyal patrons is timeless. In my mind’s eye, I see this place as a boisterous yet cozy room where people sit together in dim, warm light, eating their fill of hearty country food, drinking beer and laughing together. Centuries after Chaucer immortalized his tired travelers in their roadside inn, communities still gather together to enjoy a good meal. And, like the inn in Chaucer’s tale, provincial restaurants still welcome travelers and eagerly hear their news.


The Worthy Burger in South Royalton, Vermont, and it’s sister The Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock, Vermont, are two such community focal points. Born of a passion for farm-to-table food and local craft beer, The Worthy restaurants welcome their communities through their doors each night. There is a sign in the Worthy Kitchen that says, “Good people drink good beer,” and that could not be more accurate for the environment of The Worthy restaurants. We were trilled when Jason Merrill (of the Worthy Burger and Kitchen) asked us to create a website for them. As Woodstock natives, we have been loyal patrons of The Worthy Kitchen since they opened in 2013 and so jumped at the chance to become more involved with our favorite local spot. In building their website we wanted to create a feast for the eyes that reflects their feast for our bellies. It was also important to us to remain true to what we call “The Worthy Experience.” Earnest people, good food, and local craft beer, all served with a warm smile and no fuss is what we love about The Worthy restaurants as customers, so it made sense to capture that vibe in building their website.


We hope the website tempts viewers to go in for a meal because, like the proverbial inn of old, The Worthy restaurants are places where new comers are welcomed in with enthusiasm on dark and stormy nights.


Worthy Vermont

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