Mangalitsa - Farm to Table in Woodstock Vermont

Matt and Nick of MangalitsaVT came to me to wanting a simple, elegant and understated website that represents what they're all about. I jumped right on board and got to work. For artwork like theirs (food), the visual content needed to be on par. We did a series of photo shoots capturing the whole process of dishes from start to finish. The best part about photographing food is the part that comes after... Wow it is GOOD. 

Their food is unmatched and so is their hospitality. If you're in Woodstock, go get a bite to eat, but make sure you call ahead because they are BOOKED.


The Process. 


I build all of my sites on SquareSpace. I create all the visual content for the site myself so that I can guarantee the quality of the finished product.

I'm also a member of the SquareSpace Circle, which allows me to offer clients a 20% discount on their personal or e-commerce site if purchased through Vermont Social. Cheers!

Ansel Dickey