Growing your digital presence in an authentic way.


Vermont Social is a small & nimble team of digital specialists helping businesses establish a powerful presence through visual storytelling and strategic marketing.  We work closely with each of our clients to create beautiful photo/video content, manage all media channels, and use analytics to guide strategy. Our media services capture your story, space, services, and products in compelling visuals and then place this content in front of consumers in an authentic way.


Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media is the least expensive and most effective way to market your business. We pair beautiful photos / videos with smart and succinct written posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to place your brand, story, and offerings in front of the audience you seek. Often, your customers then pass these social media posts onto others, creating a digital word-of-mouth effect.  The result is that more people will seek out your services and products. Authentic images of people interacting with and enjoying your business creates a positive message and spotlights your brand. When we manage your social media, you are free to spend time on other important aspects of your operations. Our contemporary approach to organic social media is the most effective process out there.  It will bring more people and money through your door.

Photography and Videography

Vermont Social’s photo and video content will elevate your profile.  First, we listen to you, then we take your business angle and create beautiful brand-centric content you can use for social, web, Email, and even print materials. The photo/video services we offer range from short and simple, to long range and complex.  Vermont Social has competitive prices for content creation as we believe that small businesses do not need to break the budget on professional photographs. Micro or macro, we can tackle any photography or video project you propose. Check out Ansel's photography portfolio here.

Branding, Content and Coaching for Athletes

We know sports. We know what it takes to stand out, and we know what potential sponsors are looking for. By working with athletes across the board to develop their personal brand and provide them with the content that garners valuable attention, we fulfill our passion to help athletes live the dream. With the growth of social media and influencer marketing, race results matter less and less these days. Sponsors are more interested in how much of a presence you have on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Let us make your presence known.

Web Development

Don't feel like spending the immense amount of time it takes to beautify your digital home base? We take care of that for you. By creating the content ourselves and then building the site to your desire, we guarantee a website that is visually striking, functionally seamless, and tailored to your audience’s needs.

Examples of previous work: Worthy Vermont, Mon Vert Cafe,  MangalitsaVT,  Vermont Overland,  Ansel Dickey,  Shackleton Legend, Dunne and Calder, VTdirt, First Branch Coffee, Abracadabra Coffee Co, and the site you're looking at right now including many others.



How We Work

Every client is different. Once we get a picture of your current operation and what you’re trying to achieve with digital marketing, we construct a package that works best. Our approach at Vermont Social privileges visual media. We draw out your brand’s clearest voice in pictures and videos, establishing a character and a narrative that your audience will grow to love. By focusing on storytelling instead of selling, we strengthen and grow your online presence in a way that’s true to you.

Packages are always customizable: you can pick and choose services for what you most need.



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Grow your digital presence in an authentic way.

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